Placing an Order

New Users

Different ways to search

  • Click the icon of your desired department for a drop down list of aisles that break down to specific categories.  Scroll through until you find what you need.
    • Products can be easily alphabetized using the arrows above the item description column.
    • Selecting a brand name from the list will narrow your search to that brand only, making it easy to find your product. 
  • Use the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for, the more specific terms searched, the more exact match will result. Search by:
    • Item name : “cottage cheese”
    • Item brand : “Good Culture”
    • Item description : “low fat”
    • Item characteristics : “organic” or “gluten free” 

Add to Cart

  • Click “BUY” to add items to your cart. You can select multiple quantities of any item by selecting your desired quantity from the drop menu and then clicking “BUY.”
  • As items are added to the cart, a visual alert appears. The cart is kept to the far right of the screen. It can be reviewed or modified at any time.

Checking Out

  • After you’ve filled your cart and reviewed it to make sure haven’t forgotten anything, click “CHECKOUT.”
  • You will be directed to our safe, secure payment gateway.
  • If you have a coupon code, enter it prior to continuing to checkout.
  • Fill out personal information.
  • Choose your delivery window.
  • Make payment using credit or debit.
  • Relax & wait for your groceries!
  • Enter a password (recommended) to for easier reordering.

Returning Users

  •  Log In to view your Custom Order Form (list of previously ordered items),  using the email and the password that you chose when you first ordered. 
  • You can add as many new items as you like to your order after you log in.
  •  Use the “Show or Hide Items” box at the top to show which items are already selected, or use the “Clear All Quantities” button to clear all quantities.
  • Add items from your Custom List to the shopping cart by clicking “Buy”. 
  • You can also save items that you want to order by entering a quantity for any item that you want and “Save Changes” before going to the next page.
  • When you have saved all items that you want, you can select “Add All to Cart” to add all items at once.
  • To add new items to the cart, as well as your Custom List select “Add New Items” from the top menu.
  • Select “Checkout” or “Review Order” when you have completed your order.
  • The groceries will be delivered to your door, and to your kitchen counter, if desired.  You must be at home to receive delivery, unless you or your building management provide a key, or unless you specify delivery to your porch or other designated spot.